Catalpha Successfully Packages Health & Beauty Product!

TheraPearl is the brainchild of a physician who saw the need for a unique therapeutic retail product that could be heated AND cooled. It also was made of translucent pearls that contoured to the body when applied. AND – they also were pretty to look at and enticing to touch!

Catalpha was chosen (given our successful branding background) to create the package design for this unique health product. Upon completion of the initial set of four product packages – sales started to increase. This brought about additional products using the same brand. And packaging design was again needed to create a branded family appearance across all products.

Even a children’s line of products was developed and Catalpha was again chosen to create the package design.

The same brand has been transferred to a website as well as in-store displays and product literature by Catalpha. Watch for the TheraPearl products to be sold in a store near you.

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