Freeze Away Fat uses Catalpha Packaging Design services to jump-start their unique Fat Reducing Product

Freeze-Away-Fat_pkg-LGBased on the cryotherapy method, Freeze Away Fat created a new product to help women reduce their fat simply by wearing a pair of patented Cool Shapes Shorts. FAF came to Catalpha with their ‘raw’ product and asked us to create not only a logo but also the package design and product messaging for their initial package.

We had to create an initial short run of their packages for the many PR appearances they had scheduled – all of course within budget. A complete e-commerce website was designed, created and produced to sell their initial product online. Soon a number of FAF products were available and all were to be sold online through a very robust e-commerce Magento platform.

Product photography and model photos were also designed, directed and photographed by Catalpha. The result- Freeze Away Fat was successfully launched and is enjoying great response.

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