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Landing Page Optimization

This is one of the most important pieces of your PPC campaign. When a reader links on your PPC, they should ‘land’ on a well-crafted and targeted web page, which specifically presents the product or service that they were searching for. For example, they should be able to answer these 3 questions immediately – “Where am I ?,” “Why do I want this particular product or service?” and “What should I do?.” If a visitor can quickly answer those questions you are well on your way to gaining their sales or desire for more information

Within the Landing Page itself, there are many options to increase conversion rates, such as the presentation and design of graphics, forms, and the call to action. One terrific advantage of Landing Page Optimization is Google makes it easy run tests, pitting one Landing Pages against another, in order to select the best page on the evidence of sales. This offers you solid sales data to refine your advertising efforts, in real time, from real world results.

These incremental improvements add up over time. With focus and diligence, Landing Page Optimization can become the backbone of your online marketing campaign.

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