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Snack Display Stand

Snack Display Stand

Identifying the most effective way to present your products can greatly influence their visibility, comprehension, and sales potential.

Our custom-made cardboard snack display stands are specifically crafted to enhance your brand presentation in a distinctive and refined manner.

See MORE Examples of our displays below.

This gallery showcases some of our custom corrugated POP displays – also known as point of sale displays – designed for our clients.

Our cardboard product display stands are uniquely tailored and manufactured to perfectly suit your product dimensions and quantity needs.

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Why Choose Catalpha Snack Display Stands

What sets Catalpha apart is our meticulous attention to detail combined with expert design skills, enabling us to craft the ideal cardboard display stand tailored to meet your business requirements and desires.

Consultation and Display Strategy

During our years in the field of product manufacturing we have acquired the skills to meet your company’s every need. The display stands we design for you will boost your products appeal and marketability.

Display Stand Structural Engineering & Dielines

Our team of professional designers translates your vision into a durable and easily transportable corrugated display. Shipping and assembly are effortless. This close concern for elements creates a seamless customer experience.

Display Artwork & Design

Catalpha’s developers can build a cardboard display stand that is sturdy and stylish that will fully sustain your brand. We can craft the perfect identity for your product that conveys its desirability over the competitors.

Display Stand Manufacturer

ALL OUR DISPLAYS ARE MADE IN THE U.S.A.! We use world-class materials and machines to deliver corrugated displays of the best quality. Our printers produce at high resolution and in full color. All pictures and prints are distinct and precise. All colors are vibrant and stay true to the initial composition.

Types Of Corrugated Display Stands We Can Produce

Is Catalpha for you? Yes. We have every type of cardboard to display to meet every need. Here is a list of our offerings:

  • Cardboard Display Stands
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Store Aisle Displays
  • Retail Product Floor Displays
  • Corrugate Table and Counter Displays
  • POS Display Stands
  • Retail Store Power Wings
  • Corrugated End Caps
  • Pallet Skirts For Big Box Stores
  • POS Dump Bins
  • Self-Shipper Corrugated Displays
  • Cardboard Display Racks For Retail Stores Built Tough To Take The Weight

Bring Your Brand to Life with Catalpha

We consistently produce innovative solutions to boost revenue and enhance your brand’s appeal. Here at Catalpha we tailor every product to satisfy your expectations.

Our array of custom cardboard displays can be personalized to match your preferred size, weight, style, color, and graphics. Whether you’re updating designs to align with seasonal changes, introducing new products, or modernizing your brand, our custom cardboard displays can elevate your label.

Explore examples of our stunning marketing displays created for previous clients to discover your perfect fit. From floor to counter displays, we provide options that cover every corner of your store, attracting shoppers to your products.
Each type of display offers distinct advantages. For instance, custom floor displays serve as persuasive showcases for your complete line of new products.

Auxiliary display stands such as tiered counter displays and display bins are great for promoting your products when they are strategically arranged in the store. Consider options like endcap displays for a compelling approach, drawing customers’ attention directly to your product.

Introducing HERCULES!

Our Heavy Weight Point of Purchase Floor Display. Hercules is a multi-faceted answer for your heavier products. These floor displays have god-like strength, holding up to 40lbs per shelf. We maximized our displays strength so you can maximize your products aisle appeal.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for braun. Each display holds up to 40lbs per self while maintaining a professional, organized, and attractive look.

In the face of a fast-paced market, speed is of the essence. No need to worry, we can have your Hercules display printed and shipped as quickly as 4 weeks. And once it arrives, setup is easy.

We help your product look good from every angle. We don’t cut corners, printing full color graphics on all sides of the display stand. No matter what way you look at it, your product will be stunning with the help of Catalpha.

With a minimum print run of 50 units, Hercules offers cost-effective value in the realm of point-of-purchase (POP) displays.

Hercules’ strength will lift your brand to new heights. Email us or Call 410-337-0066 to learn more about HERCULES, our new Heavy Weight Point of Purchase Floor Display Stand.


Shipping Your Display

All displays are shipped via freight – flat on pallets and ready for assembly. Every shipment is carefully wrapped in plastic to protect your new displays so they arrive in perfect condition.

Pallets are usually 40” by 48” and can be stacked with displays up to 60” to maximize shipping efficiency.

All shipments arrive by truck and require a shipping dock or lift gate truck for final delivery. Rates change often so estimates are not exact at the time of order. We ship anywhere in the U.S.


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