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If you are searching for an experienced product packaging design company to help get your product packaged and to market, Catalpha is your source to get it done quickly and creatively!
We can help select the right style of package for your product, create stunning branded graphics, write the perfect message that will attract your target audience, AND print your package!

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Stores Our Packaging Designs Have Been Sold In

Some of the National Retail Stores our Packaging Design Has Been Sold In.

Custom Tins

Series of custom, 4-color printed embossed tins for homemade dog biscuits.

Custom Hang Card

Fold-over hang card highlights the unique ID and function of the sanding accessory.

Wrapping Hang Card

Package series for a line of cast fashion accessories.

Custom Corrugate Carton

Branded packaging series for a full line of moderately priced power tools.

Blister Packaging

Eye-catching blister card packaging printed with neon pink designed to stand out in a visually saturated cosmetic environment.

Tent Top Boxes

Playful, eye-catching handle-top boxes each hold parts for a series of home styled craft kits.

Branded Pillow Packaging

Bold graphics and unique package shape combine to reinforce this revolutionary pet hair removal product.

Consumer Retail Packaging

This football shaped remote needed a package to catch the eye of any sports fan, with clear indications for its use.

Clamshell with Custom Insert

Stock clamshell with folded printed insert makes an economical package for this handy kitchen utensil.

Health & Beauty Retail Packaging

Bold & dramatic tone matches the company tone of Rock ‘m Out, makers of these figure enhancing bra accessories.

Food Packaging Labels

Package labeling designed to impart an old-world, exotic feel to this set of season-all cooking sauces.

Custom Branded Bag

Jump-off-the-shelf graphics demands attention for this diaper package designed for an international retailer of baby products.

Custom Food Tray Wrapper

Printed wrap for frozen oysters packed in a tray designed to impart the freshness of the product and stand out in the retail freezer case.

Custom Carton with Dieline

Logo design and package for a unique power cord disguised as a vine.

Custom Branded Product

Freeze Away Fat came to Catalpha with their ‘raw’ product and asked us to create not only a logo but also the package design and product messaging for their initial package.

Custom Printed Labels

Evoking romanticized historical periods of yesteryear, this series of bottle labels were created to appeal to a young female audience.

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Drive sales and build consistent brand messaging with a professional, custom packaging design AND ecommerce website. This is a popular combination for many entrepreneurs getting started OR established companies ready to step up to the next level. This bundle creates a unified brand platform to build on as your grow even more.

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