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Custom Sales and Marketing Kits

Custom Sales Kits can win more business and increase your sales!

When your product requires unique and memorable, a custom marketing or sales kit is the answer.

A Sales Toolkit Can Work On Its Own Without a Sales Person

Its like a salesperson-in-a-box. The best part is you don’t have to send anyone to present it. Just ship the box.

Marketing Sales Kits add clarity to a complex product or service.

They can say Distinction, Premium, and Value with just a look

These kits are not just visually appealing, they add a tactile enhancement to your brand through gloss, or soft-touch coatings or embossment. Having something tangible for existing and potential clients to see, hold, and hear can leave a lasting impression.

Catalpha Can Design & Print Your Custom Sales Kit With Low Minimums

  • We design kits that enhance your message and drive sales

  • We guide you to the best solution for your product and budget

  • We produce and print your kit

Sales kits can incorporate multiple samples, promotional materials, even a demonstration of your product all in a unique presentation that customers can’t ignore.

It will convey a message that converts the recipient to a hot lead or sale.

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  • A 15 minute conversation with one of our owners about your product.
  • General guidance on the type of sales kit that is best for your circumstance.
  • An estimate based on suggested package type, size and quantity.

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