Inbound Marketing Baltimore

The shift from outbound to inbound marketing has been well documented. With good reason – companies who part with traditional marketing methods to follow their customers online, stand to blow key growth metrics like marketing efficiency and sales productivity out of the water.

The inbound marketing methodology below outlines a process we use to drive repeatable ROI for our clients.

Get Found – Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Create Remarkable Content
  • Optimize that Content for Search Engines
  • Share that Content in Social Media
Convert – Turn Traffic Into Revenue
  • Create Premium Offers Your Prospects Want
  • Generate Leads From Website Traffic
  • Generate Sales from Online Leads
Analyze – Measure Your Results
  • Measure Your Website Traffic
  • Track Your Website Leads
  • Track Your Customers

In order to deliver tangible, online marketing results to our clients, we deliver 4 core services. These services are each comprised of several tactical components. But to execute in a way that delivers real value and maximum impact all need to be performed together.

The first core service of inbound marketing is the ability to generate traffic to a website. Secondly, we develop premium content and capitalize on that traffic by offering lead generation services. Third, we construct targeted follow-up campaigns at those leads intended to convert online leads to sales. Lastly, analysis and measurement needs to be a core competency of any online agency.

Being able to dig into the results of all the numerous online efforts the above three encapsulate is critical. Doing so will allow us to repeat successes, and tune underachieving campaigns to get better results.

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