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Potato Chip Display Stand

Potato Chip Display Stand

Give your product its best chance to make an impression on customers by having a potato chip display stand that is distinguishable and shopper-friendly.

Our custom potato chip display stands will showcase your brand in a way that invites consumers in!

See MORE Examples of our displays below.

Each custom corrugated POP display we produce is designed to fit product’s size and quantity.

Our years of experience designing point of sale displays has given us the tools to create a stand that best fits your company’s brand, vision and mission.

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Why Choose Catalpha Potato Chip Display Stands

We have top-tier designers to create your perfect look and inspect every detail to ensure all of your business needs are met. We are a family owned business and rely on good work to get us to the next job.

Consultation and Display Strategy

Our experience of working with product manufacturers and retailers has given us the knowledge of the market and the ability to bring that knowledge to the design of every display stand. By working with us, you are giving your product the best chance to stand above the competition.

Display Stand Structural Engineering & Dielines

Each of our custom displays meet your product’s every need. We transform your needs into a display that is sized to hold and display your product, is easy to assemble and ships efficiently, providing an overall enjoyable customer experience.

Display Artwork & Design

Artwork plays a key role in telling a story to customers. Our highly trained designers create visually outstanding and perfectly engineered structures that support your brand. We can help tell your story. Or, if you have an in-house graphic artist, you can supply the art on our dieline.

Display Stand Manufacturer

Everything we do is state-of-the-art. Our corrugated printer produces high resolution displays in full color. Every aspect of the original design is replicated in every print; from the distinct images and lettering, to the invigorating color display. The final display stand stays true to the designs that you approve. ALL OF OUR DISPLAYS ARE MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

Types Of Corrugated Display Stands We Can Produce

We have something for everyone. Here are some of the different types of cardboard display stands we offer:

  • Cardboard Display Stands
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Store Aisle Displays
  • Retail Product Floor Displays
  • Corrugate Table and Counter Displays
  • POS Display Stands
  • Retail Store Power Wings
  • Corrugated End Caps
  • Pallet Skirts For Big Box Stores
  • POS Dump Bins
  • Self-Shipper Corrugated Displays
  • Cardboard Display Racks For Retail Stores Built Tough To Take The Weight

Bring Your Brand to Life with Catalpha

Catalpha has crafted in-store solutions that will help you attract new business and increase your sales. We want to help retailers and business owners reach their goals and succeed.  We can customize the cardboard displays to your desired size, weight, style, color, and graphics. We can even correspond to seasonal colors and themes. New products will turn heads for their in-store debuts.

Here are even more examples of corrugated displays we have made for customers. We have something for every location of the store so no matter where the customer goes, your products will catch their eye.

Retailers gain distinct advantages from each type of display. Floor displays  stands are a great way to introduce your new product to the market.

Introducing HERCULES!

Our Heavy Weight Point of Purchase Floor Display. Hercules is a multi-faceted answer for your heavier products. These floor displays have god-like strength, holding up to 40lbs per shelf. We maximized our displays strength so you can maximize your products aisle appeal.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for braun. Each display holds up to 40lbs per self while maintaining a professional, organized, and attractive look.

In the face of a fast-paced market, speed is of the essence. No need to worry, we can have your Hercules display printed and shipped as quickly as 4 weeks. And once it arrives, setup is easy.

We help your product look good from every angle. We don’t cut corners, printing full color graphics on all sides of the display stand. No matter what way you look at it, your product will be stunning with the help of Catalpha.

With a minimum print run of 50 units, Hercules offers cost-effective value in the realm of point-of-purchase (POP) displays.

Hercules’ strength will lift your brand to new heights. Email us or call to learn more about HERCULES, our new Heavy Weight Point of Purchase Floor Display.


Shipping Your Display

All displays are shipped flat on pallets and ready for assembly. Every shipment is carefully wrapped in plastic to protect your new displays so they arrive in perfect condition.

Pallets are usually 40” by 48” and can be stacked with displays up to 60” to maximize shipping efficiency.

All shipments arrive by truck and require a shipping dock or lift gate truck for final delivery. Rates change often so estimates are not exact at the time of order. We ship anywhere in the U.S.

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