Catalpha’s Food Packaging Design Helps Fight Breast Cancer

casestudy-feat-pink-chipsCatalpha was recently able to help create the package design of a very unique snack food product – Pink Chips. Pink Chips were created and promoted as a snack product aimed towards reducing the occurrence of breast cancer. Indeed a unique product, the main intention or business objective was to donate 70% of the sale proceeds to the cure of cancer. Keeping in mind this noble objective, we started with the process of designing the logo and package design and then followed with the launch of their website.

Our very first objective was to make the design stand out from all other snack products in a very busy store category. Also it needed a strong message, which would induce everyone to buy the product and contribute towards fighting breast cancer. Keeping this in mind, we designed the logo using the strong iconic design of the breast cancer pink ribbon. We also put a strong message in the form of the promotional copy.

The end result was positively received and contributed to the overall success of the product. We also felt good to be associated with such a noble project

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