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Make Your Website a Sales Machine

A professionally executed eCommerce website can streamline your sales process, from marketing to order acceptance, fulfillment to inventory control. Combine the power of digital marketing and inventory tracking to reduce delivery time and costs, and generate more control and higher net returns.

The critical factor in making all of these systems work for your business is the knowledge and experience of your eCommerce design and execution team. There are more than a few newly graduated web “masters” who promise a lot and deliver a fraction, or faceless companies that offer to create eCommerce management for a few hundred dollars and then outsource the job to a faceless unresponsive team half-way across the world. Predictably the end result of many of these hastily designed eCommerce sites is abysmal failure, resulting in a waste of both time and money.

Seamless, Practical, eCommerce Business Consulting

At Catalpha, we have more than eight years of experience designing eCommerce sites. We are Baltimore agency, staffed with committed professionals who have honed our skills in the American marketplace. We know what American business owners and consumers need and expect from an eCommerce site. We know what can be done, how to do it right, and what is possible, such as:

  • Build a complete eCommerce site
  • Refresh or Re-Design an Existing Site
  • Add New Products or Pages to an Existing Site
  • Mobile Compatibility Upgrade
  • Add Functionality; wish lists, gift certificates, live chat

A thoughtfully designed site can display your product in its best light, complete with important consumer information. Your customer can order and pay for the product or service online, with a few clicks, that send a notice to your fulfillment center, where it can be packed and shipped. Real time sales information is available, as well as daily inventory and sales reports, making control far easier and shortening market response times. In short, information that formerly took days to compile and hundreds of hours to produce, is available almost instantaneously anywhere in the world. Manage your business remotely or in the field, with tools that are seamlessly integrated.

Your business can run better and yield higher profits with a solid eCommerce management program. It is too important a task to leave to just anyone. When it is time to build or redesign your website, call the experienced local experts at Catalpha, the Baltimore advertising team with solid eCommerce consulting and management experience.

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