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Presentations are a fact of business life. But the continuing technical advances in presentation hardware and software have made it more complicated than ever to create presentations that will consistently capture and hold the interest of today’s more sophisticated consumers and business leader.

If you have an existing presentation that needs to be updated and brought to life, or would like to develop a totally new one, we can help. Catalpha has years of expertise designing persuasive and effective presentations for companies of all sizes, using techniques that range from simple boardroom Flash and PowerPoint displays to complex multimedia, multiscreen extravaganzas for convention centers and major trade shows. And no matter what the original purpose, Catalpha can help you get added value out of your presentations through extended usage such as online videos, as a channel to your Web site, and other strategic placements that will ultimately bring your message to new target audiences well beyond the initial presentation venue.

OccuNomix Video

Presentation for a tradeshow.

St. Joseph Medical Center

Presentation for a hospital center opening.

What do I need to get started?

Give us a call to discuss and estimate and your specifications for your presentation. We will get back to you quickly with an estimate for you to review.

Do you provide editorial services?

Yes, we have expert consultants storyboarding, copywriting, content editing and script writing.

How long does a presentation take to complete?

We offer a fast turn around for every type of deadline.

Do you create presentations for companies located remotely?

For local clients, we are happy to set up face-to-face meetings; however, it is not necessary. Communicating through email, fax, and phone produces successful presentations as well.

Do you offer an opportunity for presentation feedback before it is complete?

Changes are submitted to clients for their approval, before further direction is taken. At any point in the presentation development, a client can request an update of progress.

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Outsourcing presentations, particularly PowerPoint, is considerably valuable and practical:
  • Fast Turn Around: We are up-to-date with the latest software and possess the skills and knowledge to rapidly produce a captivating presentation.
  • Increased Quality: We help our clients breathe life into the usual click-and-read PowerPoint, as well as create new visually exciting Flash and multimedia presentations that drive the client’s message home!
  • Cost-Effective: By outsourcing presentation production, it reduces presentation production costs and allows valuable human resources to be used elsewhere.
  • Enhanced Focus: Our goal is your goal. Our focus is your focus. We pride ourselves on following our client’s agenda, requests, and guidelines while offering creative expertise.

Catalpha has expertise in presentation design that stems from years of experience creating brand identity, corporate identity and collateral marketing tools. We believe that creating a persuasive and effective presentation begins with knowing the client. We take the time to understand the target audience, and your company’s marketing and business objectives to produce a presentation exclusively for you.

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