Announce Grand Opening of New Johns Hopkins Clinic in Odenton

Multimedia campaign uses coordinated radio, direct amail and newsp[aper advertising to draw audience to medical facility.

Catalpha’s challenge was to launch the grand opening of a new healthcare facility operated by Johns Hopkins Health System in Odenton. Drive new patient numbers into facility quickly and create community awareness of facility for continuing new patient traffic to facility.



Multi-media campaign targeted to the residents of Odenton using strength of Johns Hopkins brand awareness. Have a Grand Opening Event to launch new facility and allow community to get acquainted with providers and facility through a comfortable, non-medical venue.

Project Elements
  • Develop marketing plan
  • Media planning and placement
  • Purchase mailing list
  • Develop campaign elements
    concept through production of
    direct mail, radio and newspaper ad

Multi-media program included a direct mail postcard with magnet that mailed to 13,000 local residents. Highly focused selection of local newspaper and radio reinforced the direct mail effort and reached further outside core radius of mailing. The radio and newspaper were chosen to create awareness within community and with those who frequented the community for shopping and work. The campaign was highly successful, garnering an overwhelming attendance at the Grand Opening of 600 people. That is a 5% response to the event alone. The facility attracted new patients within timeline goals.

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