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Product Packaging
Companies in Michigan

At Catalpha, we offer professional product packaging
services to retailers and businesses in Michigan.
Specifically, we serve the Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand
Rapids areas. From branding to package design, we
offer a comprehensive set of services for our customers.

  • Corrugate Point of
    Purchase Displays
  • Short Run Brand

Stand Out. Sell More. With With Our Packaging Company in Michigan

Customers are faced with endless decision-making when shopping. Make their decision easy by choosing Catalpha to provide high-quality packaging design in Michigan. From your ideas to the final product, we take extra care to showcase your brand identity in every aspect of the design. The finished product will stand out and help you sell more. Talk to us today at 888.337.0066 to discuss your retail packaging.

Retail Packaging Design
in Michigan

There are spots on the shelves of major retailers just waiting for products. If you want to earn a spot in stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Home Depot, you’re going to need show-stopping packaging. Catalpha works hard to provide exactly that so you can attract retail sellers and shoppers.

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Custom Packaging Design
For Food Products

Most shoppers make purchasing decisions when they are in the
store faced with the physical products. Food packaging should
entice the consumer’s hungry eyes with attractive and satisfying designs. Companies would be smart to consider Catalpha for a
5-star packaging design that drives product sales.

To learn more about food packaging services, reach out today.

Your Product Will Compete With the Competition

If you want your product to stand above the rest, you need well-designed packaging. You want designs that will display the same quality that your product holds. A clean, attractive look will push your product to the top of the charts.Don’t leave your sales to chance. Partner with Catalpha, Michigan’s best packaging design company.

Packaging Design For
Home Improvement Stores

Through decades of business, we have gathered insights into the home improvement marketplace that we implement in our designs. Through point-of-purchase displays, comprehensive solutions and packaging design your products will earn a name in hardware stores everywhere.

Contact us to discuss your home improvement packaging options.

Stores Our Product Packaging Designs Have Been Sold In

Point of Purchase Displays
To Boost In-Store Sales

Point-of-purchase displays are highly effective in driving customers to your product and driving up sales. We create and design custom artwork, print unique displays, and offer short-run production of all cardboard displays.

Contact us today to learn more about our point-of-purchase displays.

Catalpha is the Best Choice

We have been leading the way in packaging design and innovation for over a third of a century. We have honed our craft of combining creativity with market knowledge to deliver your packaging design of the highest quality. We go above and beyond to meet your needs and elevate your brand.

We are committed to ensuring your product is memorable in today’s advanced and fast-paced market.

Get in Touch for Expert Packaging Solutions

Ready to bring your company to the next level through expert packaging solutions in Michigan? Call today at 888-337-0066 or fill out this form for a FREE Estimate on your packaging project.

Whether you are just starting your business journey or looking to make a change for your established branch, Catalpha is the recommended packaging design in Michigan just for you!

Call Today 888-337-0066 or fill out this form for a FREE Estimate on your packaging project.

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