Packaging Design Case Study: National Hardware Tool Brand

Trusted Design Source For National CPG Hardware Brands

While Catalpha collaborates with many entrepreneurs and startups who develop and launch their brands, we also are a trusted source for many top national brands.

Brands that have their own internal marketing teams, designers and production departments that need to go out-of-house for any number of reasons. A bogged down production department, a fresh perspective, design skills they are lacking in-house, structural engineering help.

Catalpha brings 35 years of solid marketing experience to the table, with a full wheelhouse of capabilities when you need it—without the hassles.

A Creative Ace Up Your Sleeve

National brands like Black & Decker, DeWalt, DAP know the commitment we make each and every time we interact with their brand. A relationship is established that is just a one call away when needed.

Catalpha Branding Experience:

  • Experienced in adhering to established brand guidelines
  • Able to seamlessly integrate with our client’s in-house procedures and design flow protocols
  • Ready to pick-up quickly on rush projects when in-house departments get overwhelmed
  • A trusted ‘go-to’ whenever new, fresh ideas and perspectives are needed, given our solid marketing and design experience.
  • Your confident production resource. Our print production files are second to none—fast, accurate and print-ready.

Black & Decker Connection

Our long-standing collaboration with Black and Decker has included:

Our experience and reputation has continued to grow as our contacts grow and move to other brands—we are on their call-list when they need to move quickly to get a project done. We are that team.

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