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Jewelry Marketing

You only have one chance to shine.

You offer beautiful, thoughtfully chosen jewelry that’s attractively displayed. Your sales staff is responsive and knowledgeable. However, if your marketing isn’t consistently reflecting your store’s unique qualities, you’re probably losing business.

We understand that buying jewelry is an emotional process. People buy jewelry to feel better about themselves. It makes them feel good to wear it, to have people notice it. It makes them feel more attractive.

Your customers have one more reason to buy… their relationship with you and your store. You’ve built trust between you and your customers. Now you need to build that same trust with many more people. That’s where we can help. After helping a family-owned jewelry company increase their profits for twelve years, we know how to help your jewelry business flourish.

We’ll create a look that embodies your store’s one-of-a-kind appeal. Then we’ll incorporate your new image in targeted marketing that builds business.

Catalpha offers a full range of comprehensive services for the jewelry industry. Including: