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Health & Beauty Marketing

Health Product

Custom printed transparent packaging for health and beauty product.

Corrugate Carton

Logo brand, cool tones and spa-like graphics lend appeal to this package for this fat-freezing, body sculpting shapeware.

Hang Card

Package series for a line of cast fashion accessories.

Bottle Labels

Evoking romanticized historical periods of yesteryear, this series of bottle labels were created to appeal to a young female audience.

Product Sleeve

Package, branding, and logo for the Contour Kabooti

Beauty Products

Bright and clean packaging design matches the company brand for a line of health and beauty products from Bon Vital.

Blister Pack

Eye-catching blister card packaging printed with neon pink designed to stand out in a visually saturated cosmetic environment.

Printed Package

Simple carton with a hang tag.