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If you are searching for an experienced product packaging design company to help get your product packaged and to market ASAP, – OR – are rebranding or extending your brand to other products – Catalpha is your source to get it done quickly and creatively!
Feel paralyzed by the number of packaging choices and don’t know where to start? We can help select the right stype of package, create stunning graphics and message that will attract your target audience AND get your package printed!

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  • We’re your ALL-IN-ONE Packaging source – from Concept to Printed Package
  • We make your product more competitive in the marketplace
  • We have nearly 3 decades of experience
  • We create package design and copy that sets you apart on the crowded shelf

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We’ve helped companies in 19 states successfully package their products!

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Our Complimentary Services That Help Market Your Product

Website / Ecommerce Design
Point of Purchase / Store Display
Tradeshow Display
Printed Marketing Material
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Do These statements sound familiar?

  • We tried to do it in-house but it’s just not right
  • We need a design that gets the buyer’s attention!
  • I know my product will sell, it just needs to look retail ready!
  • I’m struggling with designing the best package and putting the right words together to tell my story.
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10 Tips to Creating Successful Packaging Design

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Bundle It

We often bundle our Custom Packaging Design with an

Ecommerce Website

Drive sales and build consistent brand messaging with a professional, custom packaging design AND ecommerce website. This is a popular combination for many entrepreneurs getting started OR established companies ready to step up to the next level. This bundle creates a unified brand platform to build on as your grow even more.

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  • 2016 GDUSA Web Design Award Winner2016Web Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-gd-usa2015Package Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-gd-usa2014Package Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-gd-usa2013Package Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-gd-usa2013Graphic Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-gd-usa2012Package Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-sia-awardsSevice Industry Advertising
    Award Winner
  • icons-agdaGraphic Design & Package Design
    Award Winner
  • icons-aster-awardsMedical Marketing
    Award Winner