Catalpha Introduces Smyth Jewelers to a National Audience with a Complete e-Commerce Site

Translating the success of print catalogs to an e-commerce website opens national doors to successful Maryland Jeweler.

Catalpha was presented with the challenge to create and maintain a consistent image to drive in-store and catalog sales for this unique jewelry store. We then expanding our efforts to include a complete ecommerce site has taken them to a national audience.


Maintain and innovate the image we have developed for their mail order catalog, develop e-commerce site which reflects that image, and continually deliver new marketing concepts for retail, catalog and on-line efforts to increase their sales.

Project Elements
  • Quarterly catalog design and production
  • Targeted catalogs
  • In-store signs
  • Customer information brochures
  • Website design and quarterly production
  • Email campaigns
  • Develop new concepts to increase on-line sales and retail sales

Over our 18 year relationship with The Albert S. Smyth Company we have reinforced and expanded their brand identity in Maryland and surrounding region. Smyth is identified with high quality product and exemplary customer service. Catalpha’s efforts have been identified by Smyth as instrumental in achieving ROI goals and steady sales growth in all economic climates. Total sales through catalog, e-commerce and in-stores sales have increased every year. E-commerce site has drawn more customers than they anticipated and hits and sales volume continue to increase. Smyth’s sales growth and our longterm relationship as a valued marketing partner is evidence of the strength of our services and creative solutions.

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