Increase Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse Buy In of Black & Decker Power Tools

In-Store Display solution for Lowe's tool area.
In-Store Display solution for Lowe’s tool area.
Unique retail end cap display expands power tool appeal out on the floor.

Lowes has a “designated” tool area that is segregated from the rest of the store with only one entrance/exit. This tool area is a low traffic area and is only visited by the predominantly male tool buying audience with little diversification. Furthermore, no power tool has ever been given “prime” floor positioning at the front of a store or at a register end cap. So the challenge was to come up with a solution that will expand the power tool audience beyond the traditional target. We needed to capture the female consumer without alienating the existing audience while adhering to the channels in-store display restrictions.

Black & Decker Home Zone DisplayStrategy

Create a permanent register end cap display that is user friendly, but that has graphics that can be changed quarterly. By giving the display a house look it makes it appealing to a broader audience. Keeping the traditional Black & Decker branding statement and colors it maintains its familiarity to the core audience. Moreover, custom photography was shot, using everyday people of varying ages, gender and ethnic groups. Since it is an attractive permanent display that features unique specials and tools on quarterly basis its potential of generating increased sales easily moved the channel to agree to position it at the front of the store.

Project Elements

Develop graphics and suggestions for structure

  • Design sale support items for presentation to channel, such as in-store renderings
  • Art direct custom photography
  • Design and production of graphics for structure
  • Design/produce support elements such as pins and fact tags
  • Long term – create quarterly signs

A 67% increase of sales in a ten month period. And in some cases increasing individual product sales by 173%.

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