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Product Packaging Companies in California

Here at Catalpha, we offer professional product packaging services for retailers and businesses in California. Specifically, we serve customers in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, California areas. From branding to product design and packaging, we offer a comprehensive set of services for our customers. Specifically, our design services include:

  • Branding and Custom Logo Design
  • Comprehensive Packaging Design and Development
  • Litho Laminate and Digital Package Printing
  • Corrugate Point of Purchase Displays
  • Short Run Brand Packages

Stand out. Sell more.

Customers in Southern California are faced with endless options when they enter any store. In any market, there are always competing products vying for customer attention. By standing out, you can sell more. And our team takes care of each step of the process. We design packaging that incorporates your brand identity and showcases the best aspects of your products. The finished product is always eye-catching and inspires customers to make a purchase.

Retail Packaging Design

Major retailers require crisp and professional packaging if you want to make sure your products reach their shelves. This includes big-name brands like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Home Depot. With our company, your custom packaging in California can thrive. It will not only excite customers but will have retailers happy to showcase your products for you.

Give us a call at 888.337.0066 to discuss your retail packaging today.

Packaging Design For Food Products

Food packaging requires a keen insight about the common shopper’s psyche. When customers are hungry, they will reach for the first thing that catches their eye! So, food packaging design that inspires quick and simple decision making is important. In fact, most purchasing decisions are made by customers once they are already in the store.

If you take your packaging design for Los Angeles seriously, you will make your products the default choice for undecided customers. Food packaging companies in California are smart to focus on attention gathering versus more traditional means of product display.

Food packaging companies in California should consider Catalpha for award-winning designs and boosted product sales.

To learn more about our food packaging services, contact us today.

Will your product compete with the competition?

Well-designed packaging is one of the key elements that set your products apart. Before customers are familiar with the high quality of your products, they only see the packaging. Making your products look great helps you grab a larger share of your market and increases profitability.

Don’t chance your market presence. Work with one of the top packaging design companies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and beyond. Partner with Catalpha and experience one of the top packaging companies in California.

Packaging Design For Home Improvement Stores

Custom packaging for California requires insights into the state’s complex consumer marketplace. At Catalpha, we specialize in just that.

We have worked with many of the biggest hardware and home improvement brands in California for decades. Through tailored point-of-purchase displays and packaging design, help your products garner the attention they deserve. We provide our clients with customized solutions to stand out from the crowd in the home improvement retail environment.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your home improvement packaging options.

Custom Packaging in California

Garnering steady market share can be tough. But there are ways to make it simpler. And it all starts with your product’s first impression.

Considering high quality product and food packaging helps you rise above your competition. It also levels a crowded field in the complex product supply chain.

By partnering with Catalpha, you get access to one of the industry’s top packaging design and branding companies. Our regional services for California include:

  • Custom Packaging in Los Angeles, CA
  • Product Packaging in Los Angeles, CA
  • Custom Packaging in San Diego, CA
  • Packaging Design in San Diego, CA
  • And more.

We are prepared to partner with you. Our expert team knows how to bring your products to market with the presentation they need to thrive. San Diego packaging companies and Los Angeles product companies are invited to experience the Catalpha difference for themselves.

See examples of our winning work.

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Client Testimonials

Our customers love our custom solutions. Hear from clients of our packaging companies in Los Angeles, packaging companies in San Diego, and more. You’ll learn insights from those who have enjoyed our custom packaging in California.