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How to create packaging design that will get customers to sit up and beg for more!

Packaging design is more than just a container for your product, it’s your in-store billboard. It screams to the customer – Pick me up! I am the reason you walked into the store today! Your packaging has a lot to do in only a few seconds. It has to impart a ‘feeling’ or brand for your product. Is it fun? quirky? futuristic? trendy? Does it make my life easier? Save me time? Does it address problems I’ve always had and didn’t know there was an answer for?

That’s a lot to consider. Where do you start? …at Catalpha.

We’ve helped companies large and small, start ups and established, with their package design needs. We’ve been through the questions you are now facing many times.

Need to take a near complete package design into a buyer? we can help. Not willing to print 5,000 pieces just to get started? we can help. Only have a product, but not a name, logo or slogan? we can help. Need to refresh your package to keep current or in response to the competition? we can help. Need to explain how to use your product through photography or illustration? we can help. Should I consider plastic, paper? bag or box? How can I go ‘green’? we can help. Looking for some fresh ideas? we can help.

You are not alone. Let us use our experience over the last 20 years to guide you to a successful packaging design or redesign.

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