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Your passion is your product. Our passion is your package design.

Your product is your ‘baby.’ It was your idea. You brought it to life with your tenacity, because you believe in it. It’s your blood and sweat. You who stayed up at night to plan it, kept pushing to find the best manufacturer, developed a business plan that will take it national. Now all you need is ‘kick butt’ package design that will help explain to others what you already know…they NEED your product!

Don Keller explains how Catalpha can help you package your product effectively & affordably.

Package design done right is your ticket to increased sales and profitability!

We understand, because we feel the same way about package design. When package design is done right it jumps off the shelf and grabs your customer by the ears and says, “I’m the reason you walked into the store today!”

We’ve helped many companies, large and small, start-ups and established with their package design needs. We’ve been through the questions you are now facing. We can help you name your product, create a logo, determine whether to go in a box, bag or clamshell. Need a mockup for buyers? or a small quantity run to get started?

You are not alone. Let Catalpha use our experience over the last 20 years to guide you to a successful packaging design or redesign.

Are you ready to profit from better label or package design?

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You will talk with me, Don Keller – a professional designer and marketer with more than 20 years experience helping companies market and package their product.

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