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    How much will my package cost?

    Paper or Plastic? How much will my package cost?The most burning question in the packaging design world today.
    PRICING – this is a ‘feature’ of packaging that I wrestle with everyday. I know you are trying to get on the shelf for the least amount. But if you aren’t producing 10s of 1,000s then you can’t expect to get the best ‘per piece’ cost. I would hope that you are looking at this as an investment to see how well your product will sell first. You’ve got to take that first step.
    I know how important your product is to you. You want it to be as professional as possible. You’re going up against all the Big Boys of your particular channel, right? Companies with much deeper pockets than yours.
    We understand that. We want to help you take that first step by producing professional custom packages at a small quantity and are even better…

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    Three Advantages of Branding Your Company

    Tips to Branding Your COmpany or productThe process of branding your company starts in an unlikely place–your product’s packaging. It’s your business’s image on the marketplace. You need to understand that your product’s packaging will always have an influence on the purchaser–be it positive or negative. If a customer doesn’t like the way your product’s been packaged, it’ll detour them just as much as positive reactions could influence them to buy.
    Here are a few of the advantages of effectively branding your company to help you see why you need to focus on…

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