Food Packaging – 2-20-19

Food Packaging Design Companies

We Specialize In Taking Your Food Packaging Design To The Next Level Of Sales

Packaging Design is more than just a container for your food product, It’s your in-store billboard. It screams to the customer – Pick Me Up! A recent consumer survey found that 60 percent of shoppers made brand decisions at the store, Even though two -thirds of shoppers arrive with a list*. Don’t leave it to less experienced, less qualified sources.

We create delicious packaging design that sells your product!

  • Store Buyers & Customers Will Be Eating Out Of Your Hand When You Get Packaging Design From Catalpha
  • We’ve helped companies large and small with their packaging design needs for the past 25 years.
  • We’re your ONE STOP source for packaging – From Branding To Printed Packaging.
  • Our packaging designs have been sold in major national stores near you!

* Miller Zell Study “Gone in 2.3 Seconds: Capturing Shoppers with Effective In-Store Triggers”, October 2009

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